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The Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Quadri oversees the staff of professionals at QM Spa. The entire team is filled with dedicated and educated professionals that care about their clients. Their mission is to make their clients feel comfortable and achieve their beauty goals. Learn about the staff at QM Spa by scrolling below or clicking on a particular staff member.

Syed M. Quadri, M.D

Medical Director

Dr. Quadri is the founder and Medical Director of QM Spa.  He attended Brown University in Rhode Island and has been licensed to practice medicine since 2000 in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Chosen the best physician for Morton Hospital three years in a row and a Fellow of Society for Critical Care, member of ACP and MMS, you are assured to be in good hands.

Dr. Quadri chose to start QM Spa because he began to help HIV patients, who suffered severe weight loss, look healthy and more rejuvenated.  As medicine improved, so did treatments and these patients began to live longer, resulting in their desire for reconstructive surgery.  The outcomes were so satisfying to doctor and patient, he decided to continue the work in this field.  He doesn’t believe in making one look dramatically changed.  He doesn’t alter ones major features, but he does make you look natural, yet enhancing, and attends to what it is that you are unhappy with.

His goals are to provide quality service in the anti-aging field providing his clients with a clean, sterile and relaxing atmosphere.  He feels that it is important to everyone at QM Spa to minimize the client’s anxieties about any and all procedures.

Some of Dr. Quadri greatest medical achievements involve:

  • Meriam Hospital, Rhode Island Hospital and Pawtucket Memorial, all of Brown facilities.
  • Morton Hospital (2006), New England Hospice Associates, Omni Medical and Diagnostic (2207 – 2012) then merged with In Patient Consultants (IPC).
  • Private practice until QM Spa was established. Omni is where most of his work in this field was performed using facial fillers.

All at QM Spa have the same vision as Dr. Quadri for their patients.  This includes a clean environment, natural looking outcomes, good customer service, making clients happy so that when they leave, they leave with a feeling of comfort and confidence.

John Weber


John Weber, President of QM Spa is an important and integral part of the company.  His position varies, as he wears many hats in an effort to ensure that the spa runs fluidly and cohesively.  All employees report to John, as he is responsible for running the back office assuring that all operations and client satisfaction are fulfilled.

Throughout John Weber’s day, his focus is for the client to have an extraordinary experience with the Spa. He strives to make certain that there are little to no problems, to avoid any and all problems and to assure clients that if there are any questions, they could go to him.

When asked why John believes QM Spa is different from others, he states the obvious.  “We are more hands-on, more personable and we create a relationship with our client.”

Thankful for the staff that has been formed at QM Spa, he looks forward to greater experiences, long-term relationship, and continued quality care.  It’s all about the client.

Michael Anthony

Aesthetic RN

Michael Anthony is a nurse injector at QM Spa, offering both neurotoxin and dermal filler injections. He specializes in the enhancement of lips, cheeks, chins, lipstick lines, laugh lines and marionette lines. Receiving his B.A. degree in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island and an AA in Nursing from CCRI, he also received his BSN from the University of Rhode Island.

Michael is excited about helping people gain self-confidence and a better sense of self-worth. He believes that we all need to feel comfortable in our skin and this is the industry that can achieve that. At QM Spa, he provides quality work in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment without judgment. It was important for him to work in a facility that was personable and customized to every client stepping through the door.

In the next five years, Michael’s goal will be to continue educating himself in the industry in order to provide as many services as possible to his clients. Seeing the look of excitement and satisfaction on his client’s faces after a procedure is priceless, Michael states. He has a close connection with his clients making them feel comfortable, welcomed and with the knowledge that he is listening to their concerns in a non-judgmental and open-minded manner.

Breala Raulino

Skin Specialist / Body Art Practitioner / Partner

Breala specializes in 3D Micro-blading, facials, waxing, makeup and medical grade chemical peels. Breala attended Rob Roy Academy for Esthetics as well as training in Micro-blading through Everlasting Brows.

Breala understood that it’s not just about injecting someone or giving someone eyebrows; rather it’s about helping her clients realize their beauty and actually feeling it. She tells her clients that it’s okay to change everything they need to feel great, but knowing they are just as beautiful inside…in their own skin, is what’s really important. Being very thorough, she advises her clients to think about what they want to do; what is best for them in the long run and do their research.

Breala isn’t stopping here. She plans on continuing to learn and explore every aspect of the skin care industry so that there will be no questions unanswered for her clients. She strives to make them comfortable and feel safe when they are in consultation or treatment with her, stating that, “When I see the results of my clients with their beautiful and radiant skin resulting from their treatment, I see the happy tears and smiles that come along with it. This is what pushes me to become the best Skin Specialist that I can be.”

Brandi Whipp

Aesthetic RN

Brandi Whipp is a graduate of Bristol Community College specializing in nursing as well as the Aesthetic Institute of Massachusetts for her study in neurotoxins, dermal fillers and Kybella, which have proven to be a great asset to QMSpa.

After meeting Dr. Quadri, she realized that this was the career for her. QMSpa proved to be a warm, personable atmosphere where clients were made to feel comfortable in a safe environment. Making people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin is what Brandi really loves. She calls it ‘empowering’. She offers realistic goals for her clients during consultation explaining that less really is more. That they don’t want to change their entire look in one session because they can always come back.

Brandi definitely takes pride in her work and consistently strives toward improving her skills and having her work stand out. “My clients feel at ease with me and trust me because I really listen to their concerns and I explain everything thoroughly and honestly.”

Her goal is to keep abreast of all the newest procedures so that her clients and repeat clients are assured they are in the very best hands at QM Spa.

Jordan Kneidl

Aesthetic RN

Jordan Kneidl specializing in a wide range of services for her clients. She offers Microneedling with prp, Botox, fillers, kybella and lash lifts. Jordan joined QM Spa as a graduate of the New England Institute of Technology where she studied as a registered nurse. She looked forward to working with QM Spa stating that she was hooked when she met their amazing personnel who practiced in such a positive and professional atmosphere.

Jordan’s goal over the next few years is to perfect her aesthetic skills and to continue education in order to be top in her field of nurse injector. She looks forward to helping her clients boost their self-image and confidence and agrees that less is truly more when it comes to aesthetics, hoping to work with her clients on facial symmetry and perfecting their proportions in order to achieve the best look for them. She confesses that she is a bit of a perfectionist and focuses on prolonging the fountain of youth in her clients so that when they leave QM Spa and look in the mirror, what they will see first is a smile of satisfaction.

Kayleen Faria

Eyelash Technician

QM Spa introduces their Eyelash Technician, Kayleen Faria. Receiving her education in cosmetology in 2009 at GNBRVTHS, Kayleen is very pleased to be working in this profession because she has a passion for helping people enhance their outer beauty. She is continuously striving to learn and educate herself in the field and to observe any and all information and gain as much knowledge as she can.

Kayleen states that she loves the relationship she has built, and will continue building, with her clients, and she strives to make them comfortable and relaxed throughout their consultation and treatment.

Her advice to someone uncomfortable with the way they look is to just enhance what God has blessed them with to make them more confident and happy in their appearance and life.

QM Spa is pleased to have Kayleen on their team and is confident she will continue to grow with the facility in her specialty and care of others.

Jeneada Vargas


QM Spa introduces their manager, Jeneada Vargas. Jen comes to us from Rhode Island confessing that ever since she was a child, she wanted to know everything there was to know about the beauty industry. She’d spend hours watching videos and is very excited to be a part of QM Spa. “Everyone here is so passionate about what they do and the different techniques the specialists have is an encouragement to one another. We work together as a team.” She loves to enhance the beauty in each client she serves and some of the spa’s clients even cry of happiness at their results, which is an amazing thing to witness. The staff at QM is there for the client. The goal is to make each client comfortable and each procedure successful for them. She tells of her first meeting with Dr. Quadri. “When I met him, I knew right away I wanted to work for him and when he told me he was opening this spa, I knew where I belonged. Both John and Dr. Quadri are amazing people and I’m so glad I chose to work for them.

Brianna Latorre

Nurse Injector

QM Spa introduces Brianna, a certified nurse injector of Botox to their team.  Brianna treats crows-feet, forehead lines, frown lines, bunny lines, spa brow lifts, under eye filler, smile lines and other unwanted facial lines.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Rhode Island and works as an operating room nurse specializing in the plastic surgery arena.

Brianna chose QM Spa because it stands for everything she believes a Med Spa should be.  The staff is diverse, friendly, trustworthy and knowledgeable and all treat clients like royalty.  She also loves boosting the self-confidence of her clients by enhancing their natural beauty and correcting their insecurities.

Advancing and continuing adding to her practice at QM Spa is her long-term goal.  She enjoys utilizing her artistic abilities because injecting is really an art.  Brianna believes that everyone is beautiful in their own way and that being different is a gift.  She doesn’t want to change the way a client looks, just enhance their beauty and address any insecurities they may have.

Brianna feels that what sets her apart is her relationship with her clients.  She listens to them so that together they can achieve their goals.  She expects her clients to be sincere about how they feel about themselves, so that interacting with them will result in the best possible outcome.  She strives to make her clients feel comfortable and to realize that injections are a luxury and made to be enjoyed.

It’s all about trust, comfort and confidence, and Brianna brings it all to QM Spa.

Alysha Marley

Nurse Injector

QM Spa introduces Alysha to their team, who specializing in Botox and Fillers.  She attended the Brocton School of Nursing for her RN and studied Botox and Fillers from the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics.

Alyssa chose this industry because of her rapport with people and loves making a difference in their lives.  Choosing QM Spa was an easy decision, she says, because of the amazing group of individuals who work there and who share the same passion and dedication towards a client as she does.

Although Alyssa is a full time nurse, she still loves making people feel beautiful and confident in themselves.  She wants her clients to leave the Spa happy and satisfied after their treatment.  She feels that a consultation is a must before treatment and even the smallest imperfection can make one look at themselves differently. So, less is more when working in an esthetic industry.

What she expects in her line of work is that her clients know that during a consult, she will explain procedure benefits as well as risks.  She wants her clients to trust her, leave happy and be completely satisfied with their end result.

Alyssa intends to keep up with the latest trends in her industry to be the best that she can be in her specialty.

Sarah Simone

Certified Laster Technician / Cool Sculpting Specialist

Sarah Simone comes to QM Spa as a certified Clinical Laser Hair Removal professional.  She specializes in Intense Pulse Light Photo-facial, Cellulite Reduction, Tattoo Removal, Radiofrequency and Laser Skin Tightening.  She also specializes in Ablative Skin Resurfacing, Microneedling and Cool Sculpting.  Sarah received her education at the National Laser Institute.

Sarah’s passion for aesthetics and beauty started at a very young age when she was so interested in her own appearance that she began to keep up with the latest in the industry, until she began feeling good about helping others and strived to do so.  The client’s expression is priceless when she see how good they feel about themselves and how quickly their confidence returns.

Meeting so many incredible people who all come from different backgrounds and all have a different reason for seeing Sarah, is what spurs her on to continue learning all the latest techniques available now and in the future.  As far as QM Spa goes, they are nothing short of amazing, she says.  “This group of people have really become a second family to me and I think I can speak for everyone here when I say I am so proud to be a part of this immensely talented staff.”

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